Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Ms. Independence

Rosie was very cute at home with me yesterday, although obviously not feeling well. After getting her meds, she at least slept through the night last night and even tried to get some sleep on our commute (unusual -- normally wants books read the whole ride).

Yesterday afternoon, she and I looked at a new daycare center. It's a beautiful location! I was very impressed with the facility. The director didn't tell me exactly how long the wait on the waitlist might be; they need more information from me, and then will do some elaborate calculation with our eligibility versus other on-site families, etc.

Rosie is back at daycare today. Her teachers were very impressed with the BM in the potty that she did at home yesterday! The lead teacher told me that they hadn't even been trying potty-training on her yet. I guess they will be working on it now.
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