Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Happy Rosie in the Sand

We finally made it back to the beach after 4 years! There have been changes at Rehoboth Beach, with some favorite shops gone and replaced by new shops, but overall it's the same place that we love. The fig tree next door has died, so no more delicious free figs for me.

We arrived Saturday and have been to a few of our old standard restaurants (Stoney Lonen, Summer House, Nicola Pizza), and also tried the new Henlopen Oyster House. Monkeyrotica is the only one of us who ordered the oysters, so I'll vouch for their seafood -- very tasty! I'm really looking forward to dining at The Cultured Pearl (sushi -- need to make reservations) and the farmers market today. 

Playing in the sand remains Rosie and Dash's favorite pastime; we had to drag them off the beach yesterday after a few hours of digging/splashing. Auntie M, Bill, Beth, and I all went for a two-hour bike ride up the coast almost to the Ferry that takes people to Cape May. We may actually try the ferry tomorrow!

Other things we plan to do: go to Funland, swim in the ocean, try kayaking at Rehoboth Bay, paint some pottery, and go on more bike rides. 

I'll close with this: on our shopping trip yesterday, Rosie took this next photo of some tiny glass flowerpots in a gift shop:

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