Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Deadlines looming...

"Deadlines looming" has been my life as of late. I'm racing to keep up with everything and falling behind. Since it's exactly one week until the First Day of School for Dash, who is starting Kindergarten, and Rosie, who will be starting Second Grade, I hereby owe you, my dear blog readers, the following blog posts with photos:

  1. Dash's superhero costume party
  2. Birthday events for my fortieth
  3. Our Rehoboth beach trip
  4. Dancing/Art/Karate updates

Let's just see if I can get up three out of those four before next Tuesday. A betting person would put money on this not happening, so let's put a challenge on. The first reader who calls me out next Tuesday as not actually having three posts up wins a prize! What shall it be...? I think I have an extra DVD set of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 3" that I'll mail free to you. And, well, if that's taken, we'll work something out; maybe a felt flower pin, similar to this white one I made, pictured here? (This post needed at least one photo in it...)

However, between now and next Tuesday, I'll be (and here comes another list, because lists are a busy person's best friend):
  • working full-time
  • attending the elementary school's Thursday "Open House" (where we find out which teachers the kids will have this year)
  • taking kids to calligraphy & karate classes
  • baking 72 cupcakes for our friends' Saturday wedding (Rosie is frosting them)
  • delivering cupcakes to the wedding
  • attending said wedding
  • helping cook (in the loosest sense of the word) for the groom's Sunday block party (the following day)
  • attending said block party, and then
  • working a full day on Labor Day Monday (sorry, Monkey).
So, lucky winner, you may still get your prize!

Monkeyrotica has Tuesday off, so I'm expecting him to take lots of adorable photos of the kids getting ready for their first day! Since we are using morning SACC, it would be fabulous to get pics of the kids getting off the bus, right? Please?
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