Saturday, September 24, 2005

Dash:me, Rosie:AJS, assigned

AJS and I have pretty much been working things out so that I'm Dash's primary parent and he is Rosie's primary parent, on the occasions that we need to separate and neither of us are willing to take on both kids. It's working all right, except for when AJS needs to hold Dash, Rosie gets very jealous and wants him to hold her, too. This weekend, I took a yoga class at Pure Prana Yoga Studio and my mom watched Dash; AJS took Rosie to his mom's. He told me that she was crying for her brother all morning. How sweet! It's my dad's birthday today. Happy birthday Dad!

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Dash & Jack: BFF?

Yesterday, Dashiell and I met the newest baby on the block, Jack Alexander! What a cutie. He was born August 31, and is just about the same size that Dashiell was. Jack has two older brothers, but we hope these two will be fast friends as they grow up together, two months apart in age. Jack lives about 5 doors down from us, and his next-oldest brother is close to Rosalie's age (although he's got wayyyy more energy than she does). Congratulations to Kurt and Leslie!

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Alexandria's Irish Festival

A Washington Post photographer took a photo of AJS with Rosie! The four of us met Grandaddy Jim at Alexandria's Irish Festival in early August. I was carrying a sleeping Dash in a sling while AJS gave Rosie a better view of the Irish dancers by letting her sit on his shoulders. For hours afterward, Rosie kept talking about the dresses the dancers were wearing -- so pretty! Of course she wanted us to go out and buy her one right then...but only dancing girls wear those types of dresses, Rosie.
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