Monday, October 17, 2005

Checking in on Dash

Hi Dash! It's Mommy.

You're almost four months old! So far this month, we traveled by plane to Connecticut on Oct. 7, your first plane trip! You did great. You were a perfect traveler on the flight out, but cried some on the flight back (my ears were popping, too, so I think the 2nd plane flew much higher than the 1st). We traveled with your sister Rosie, your Auntie M, and your Grandaddy Jim and spent most of your time in my lap (although your Grandaddy was holding you a lot, too). AJS stayed home to take care of Weegee and visit with his friend, Alan. Grandma needed to watch Grandaddy's bird, Groucho, as well as Auntie's cats, Riijah and Zita.

All of your relatives were very happy to meet you! We were visiting to celebrate your first-cousin-once-removed Eric's wedding to Sandra. We spend most of our time visiting with your great-aunt Judy, great-uncle Bill, and your other FCOR Chris. At the wedding reception, you were quite the popular little gentleman with the older ladies! Your FCOR Teressa held you the longest, along with many other relatives. You showed everyone how you like to try to talk, stand up, and smile all the time.

You love to flip over on your belly and grab onto toys and fingers. Lately, you're trying to do a sort-of crawl, which is like an inchworm: up on the elbows, butt up, scoot forward on the knees, and push the elbows forward. You're moving around more that I'd like at four months with that maneuver! You're sleeping on your belly and getting much better at keeping your pacifier in your mouth. Your daddy and I think you're a sweet, happy, good-natured little guy.

Love you!

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