Monday, December 05, 2005

Let's start babyproofing...

Lately, Dash has been very busy experimenting with different ways to move around. He pivots around on the floor, with some forward scooting; he rocks back and forth on his knees, sort of pre-crawling moves; he's been "swimming" on his belly, which is a full-arm waving and kicking move while balancing on his belly; he jumps and bangs his arms while in his saucer; jumps and dances while we hold him; and jumps and spins in his johnny-jump-up. He loves to find/go after a toy, bang it around, and then throw it; or alternately, chew on it for a while. All this busy, active behavior is very different from Rosie's. I remember that I was worried if she'd ever learn to jump... to this day, she's not much of a jumper, she never throws things, and is more of a thinker/observer than a doer. I guess we need to get busy babyproofing the house (we really didn't need to with Rosie)!!

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