Saturday, April 08, 2006

Storytelling skills in development

AJS was trying to convince Rosie that she needed a bath and told her that if she didn't let mommy wash her hair, then dirt and bugs would grow in it. So, then what happened? She was idly talking about her bath to her teachers the next day and I get a call. Apparently, Rosie said that she had a bath because she "had bugs in her hair" and when the teachers asked her if her daddy used "special shampoo," of course she said yes! Ah, lice scares. A laugh riot.

Yesterday on the ride home, I had a headache and mentioned it (cuz Rosie was talking non-stop and kept asking for things). So then, Rosie said she had a headache and "I need to hold my head so it doesn't crack open and the bleed will get everywhere all over the car." Yikes! I blame AJS for his very descriptive reasoning for not running out in front of cars, i.e. "the cars are TRYING to hit you, so if you see one, get far out of its way." The imagination on these kids --- wow.

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