Sunday, January 21, 2007

We like to eat. Mostly.

Despite the idyllic dinnertime scene that these photos convey, dining in our household can be a stressful time. Of course, Dash eats most anything and AJS cooks fantastic, sometimes exotic, fare (many of my friends would love to have such a cook at home!); it's Rosie that usually turns things sour.

We are trying ways of expanding her menu -- she is super-picky and only eats a few select items. I can't remember the last new food that she has tried. What you see her eating is plain spaghetti and edamame, which are some of Rosie's staples.

The rule is that we offer her a small selection of foods and from them, she must have at least one starch, one protein, and one vegetable. Lately, our tack has been to threaten to take away privileges (TV, books before bed) if she doesn't have a balanced meal. She, in turn, negotiates with us, telling us that if we give her kisses and hugs, she'll eat, and then says that she's full if we don't give her a fourth serving of rice (without tasting any chicken). Sigh.

I'll let you know if we have any breakthroughs!


  1. That must be so frustrating, especially for your fabulous chef! When our kids don't want to eat, it's usually because what we're offering just isn't very good.

  2. I don't know if you noticed, but the edamame plate includes not just whole edamame, but discarded "casings" which Rosie must peel off before she will eat their delicious centers. She does the same with green peas and lima beans. OCD? AJS keeps suggesting we put aside a savings account for future therapy bills...

  3. Personally, I think all kids are naturally at least a little OCD. In our lizard brains, survival depends on order and a predictable series of events. They'll outgrow it eventually.


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