Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Who does more?

AJS and I are working parents and both feel like we are contributing equally to the household; wait, I think we actually both think we are doing MORE than the other. But, because it's been on my mind a lot lately, and I do think it's worth having on the record, here's my take.

AJS daily/weekly/periodic tasks:
packing breakfasts & lunches
driving our carpool weekdays
grocery shopping/meal planning
taking bagged trash & recycling out
shoveling snow
washing cars
mowing the lawn

Nylonthread's daily/weekly/periodic tasks:
dressing the kids
putting both kids to bed
diapering Dash (every diaper)
washing dishes
laundering clothes
feeding/entertaining/bathing the parrot
bathing both kids
picking up after kids
paying bills/budgeting
driving on weekends
bagging trash for garbage day
cleaning all of the house
arranging for babysitters
shopping for kids' clothing
filing mail & paperwork
cleaning birdcage
taking parrot to vet
handling investments
weeding & watering plants

Shared tasks:
entertaining the kids
taking kids to doctor's appointments
picking up prescriptions/administering meds
shopping for household items

Now I grant that while AJS's task list is shorter, many of AJS's tasks are daily and time-intensive, albiet my longer list has its share of daily items, more items are bi-weekly or periodic. Still, is it even? Hard to say. My guess is that we'll still both think that we are doing more than the other.


  1. I think It's a good sanity-check to periodically re-evualuate the division of labor. I was feeling overwhelmed by my duties recently, too. I made a chart, similar to yours, intending to use it persuade my hubby to take over one of my tasks, but in the end the chart persuaded me that we were pretty well matched.

  2. You know, last night I'm certain that AJS had not read my blog (there would have been a discussion), however, he did the dishes without being asked while I gave the kids their bath. Dishes and laundry are definitely on MY list, but he'll sometimes help out with them if he sees something that needs doing and I'm overwhelmed.


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