Sunday, July 26, 2009

Rosie's Not Sharing!!

Once Dash—being the generous creature that he is—gave the last of all his bread in quick fashion to the ducks, geese, and one turtle, he wanted Rosie to give him a portion of the crusts she had been hoarding. Rosie was reluctant to give up her share, but after my interjection, gave him a small crumb of the bread she was parceling out more discriminately.

During our discussion (wherein no bread was being distributed), the natives became restless. We skedaddled right after the Canadian geese got malevolent, left the water and CAME AFTER US! Greedy (and kinda scary) geese.


  1. I love Rosie's look of: really, mom? You're taking a picture of THIS?

  2. You don't know, Catherine!! I was totally trying to herd them, like hey, you two, look cute and toss bread at the ducks! And face me! And no, don't turn around! Hey, come back here! And ducks, don't swim away and go to that other family that has their act together! Heeeeyyyy!


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