Saturday, February 27, 2010

Bill Jackson, super-criminal

Here's Bill Jackson's story, as dictated by my son Dash, age 4.5 years:

"Have you heard of Bill Jackson? Bill Jackson is a very famous car thief from California. Bill Jackson lost his legs in an explosion, and replaced them with rockets. He puts bombs inside of grapes and waits until people try to eat the grapes and blows them up and then steals their cars. He flies over to the car and uses his spear and axe to operate the pedals.

Bill Jackson stole my memory integrator, so we need to catch him. Here's the PLAN! [index finger pointed UP!] We need to call the President and send the Army and the Navy to California to blow up his house. First, we have to set a trap for Bill Jackson by drawing a life-size picture of his wife [named Jackie Jackson]. While he's distracted with his wife's picture, Rosie [Dash's older sister] and me can sneak into Bill Jackson's house to get my memory integrator back before his house gets blown up.

President Obama will get a phone call from Daddy and that will let him know it's time to blow up Bill Jackson's house."

Dash drew this picture of Bill Jackson, with rockets instead of legs.


  1. I know!! He's been telling EVERYONE this story like it's true. "Have you heard of Bill Jackson? He's a very famous car thief from California!" and people get a thoughtful look, like, huh, have I?

  2. Sounds as good as most action movies.


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