Friday, December 02, 2011

Stay clear of me today

Minor things going wrong are part of every morning, and I typically solve them and move on. I barely notice them. Once minor annoyances start piling on and I find myself keeping track of them, it looks like the beginning of a bad day. On a day like today, when this many little things go wrong, I might snap at any teeny issue, so I'm just going to quietly hunker down at work and hope nobody pokes me.

My list so far, all normal things by themselves:
  1. My back-up alarm (my watch) didn't wake me up (I left it in the bathroom last night).
  2. My shirt had a hole in it (I had to change).
  3. My nylons have a run in them (I covered them with pants).
  4. I left my lunch bag at work (I had to scrounge for a paper bag).
  5. Rosie needed nebulizer meds that take 20 minutes and I was already late, so I roused her out of bed too quickly, which sets her off (it's better for everyone to let her come out of her room in her own time).
  6. Dash made Rosie cry by threatening to watch a TV show that she dislikes (I intervened and relocated Dash to watch something on my laptop while she was on the nebulizer).
  7. I forgot that both kids have spelling tests today (I had to quiz them).
  8. I have a smashing headache (have I taken pills for it yet? no.).
  9. My car was covered with frost for the first time this season (I had to scrape it).
  10. While I was scraping the car, I noticed that somebody had hit it and the side-view mirror was dangling and couldn't be reattached (the mechanic in my neighborhood is ordering the part, but for now, I'm driving without a driver's side mirror).
Solving the first five issues would have been a normal day. To keep having them pile on, one after another, is a little too much even for me. On the way to the office, I caught myself about to yell at a guy who was walking two paces ahead of me for not holding a door for me — he let it go and almost hit me in the face. I'm feeling edgy.


  1. Know those mornings, sorry it all happened at once!

    My advice is to find yourself a moment and just sit and breathe when you get to the office. Yes, this doesn't help the pile of work that is waiting for you, but can improve the day. And you deserve a break.

    Curiosity, at what age could she do her nebulizer by herself sitting and watching something instead of being held down and the mask (or I guess mouthpiece at this point maybe) chasing her face?

  2. Oh, gosh, Wiley! I know EXACTLY what you're talking about!!! Aaaaand, I'm going to say, age four or maybe five for Rosie. It was definitely closer to age three for Dash.

  3. Deep breath! Dee-ee-ee-ee-eep breath!

    Feel better?

    Good. Now go punch rude door guy in the face.

  4. Oh dude. Effing hell. I know days like that.

  5. Oh no! Nebs can throw my whole morning off, even if that is the only issue. KayTar sleeps the longest, so if she wakes up and needs one, usually she is tardy for school.

    This morning I slept through my "KayTar's feed time" alarm. So she had to wear her backpack to school and Josh had to drive them. I usually get myself read in the time slot after I start her feed/before everyone else gets up and I have to help them get ready.


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