Friday, February 17, 2012

The cuteness was distracting last night

I am *so* thankful that Jazzercise allows kids to stay while I'm taking a class, especially my kids: I brought both of them last night. Monkeyrotica was out at a happy hour, so it was up to me to help them with homework, feed them, and entertain them until bedtime. I got it all done before 7 p.m., so off to class we three went, with the admonition that they had to take turns playing games on my iPhone. The rules are when one of them lost their game, they'd have to hand the device over to their sibling.

About a third of the way through class, I caught a glimpse of them both staring into space, with my iPhone drooping in Rosie's hand. I checked in and found out that the phone's battery had powered out. Oh well, kids! You'll have to entertain yourselves.

That's when things started getting silly. Here are some of the scenes I caught whenever I peeked over at them:
  • Dash curled up in a ball, Rosie draped over him
  • Rosie laying on her back, Dash sitting on her belly
  • Both of them playing dead/asleep (impossible at a 50db dance aerobics class)
  • Piling up and sitting on multiple foam exercise mats
  • Setting up foam exercise mats into a two-walled fort
  • Setting up foam exercise mats into a four-walled fort
  • Setting up foam exercise mats into a double-decker, four-walled fort
  • Peering over the edges of their fort and collapsing into giggles if anyone made eye contact
  • Knocking over their fort walls and giggling
  • Shrieking when adults snuck up on their fort to scare them
They were cracking me up! If my iPhone wasn't already dead, I totally would have taken photos. By the end of class, I had so many people come up to me and tell me how adorable my kids were, it was heartwarming. One friend in class told me that she wished she were playing with them in their fort instead of taking class, they looked like they were having such a good time.

A good memory I wish to keep. :-)

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