Sunday, November 28, 2004

Rosie's reading list

Along with the princesses books Rosie likes, AJS and I dug up some of our favorites from when we were tykes such as "Miss Suzy" (a story about a squirrel who gets kicked out of her tree house by a gang of nasty squirrels—mine) and "Too Much Noise" (a story about an old man who complains, but gains perspective through wise advice—AJS's). She's been watching favorite Disney/Pixar movies like Beauty & the Beast frequently, but also likes Finding Nemo, A Bug's Life, Peter Pan, and also a good find: Schoolhouse Rock. My mom plays her Barney & Little People videos while she visits at my parents' house.

She's a real chatterbox with us and at daycare, but I noticed when I spent Thanksgiving at my parents', she is very quiet and focused with them. I think they are so attentive to her every need that she doesn't feel it's necessary to vocalize over there? She spends a few hours with them every weekend.

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