Monday, February 27, 2006

Making baby food

I've been pretty excited about how making Dash's food is going! (Especially since I hardly ever cook.) We're hardly using the jar stuff that we bought anymore—it's like emergency food now. I've been making big batches of food on the weekend, then freezing it and portioning it out during the week. I made a "chicken casserole" for him yesterday that he loved. I also made a pear and prune puree for his breakfast. There's a sweet potato/broccoli/carrot medley that I'm going to try next and maybe some beef, too.

These are the purees I've made so far:
  1. butternut squash and pear (gone)
  2. fish and veggies (gone)
  3. potatoes and spinach
  4. red lentils
  5. chicken and veggies
  6. pear and prune

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