Thursday, March 29, 2007

Equipping playtime

For the last several days, Rosie, Dash and I have been making a daily trip down the street to my neighbor's yard for some quality trampoline time! Rosie loves to see Emily, who at 9yrs, is the youngest of the three children who live there. We all scamper over to their yard, get Emily's attention (and I feel slightly badly that I'm dragging her away from her homework), and go out back to flop around on the trampoline.

Both kids really didn't like the bouncing at first, but now are addicted! Rosie likes to jump and fall (slapstick, with legs in the air), where Dash is just happy to giggle and run around at high speed. Something I've noticed yesterday about how the three are interacting: Rosie worships Emily and yells to her, "Watch me, Emily! Watch me!", while Emily is much more interested in Dash, calling with arms outstretched, "Give me a hug, Dash!", and Dash ignores Emily and just runs to me. Is it human nature to want to attract someone whose attention is elsewhere?

Also, I haven't told the kids yet, but our new playset is being delivered on Monday!! I'm sure that we won't even be able to think about assembling it untli the weekend, but how exciting!!!

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