Monday, March 12, 2007


This is the playset that I just purchased today, online! I'm not sure of the delivery date, but the weather is getting warmer around here and I am itching for a nice playset with SWINGS! For some reason, swings are a hard thing to locate around here—local parks just don't have them. Liability issues maybe?

Anyway, I know Rosie and Dash and all of their friends will love it! Here are all the features:

Two playground-style swings, an 8-foot wave slide, ladders, monkey bars and a lookout tower
Front ladder doubles as a rock climbing wall with bolted-on handholds
Canopied, 4'-high playdeck is 54"L x 18"W
Setup dimensions: 17'L x 7'9"W x 8'4"H (Allow 6' safety perimeter around playset)
Easy Setup in 2 hours estimated time when 2 adults participate in construction
Includes pre-assembled ladders and floor panels for easy set-up
Fort Assembly has Pre-Drilled Holes
Safety handgrips at top of ladders provide added security
Customer is required to drill some holes for hand grips and to mount ladders and slides
Angled leg design increases stability
Set includes stakes to secure the play set into the ground after assembly


  1. The seller told me yesterday that delivery will take 2 weeks. And my parents gave me some sobering advice about liability insurance for kids that injure themselves on my playset, but isn't that included in homeowner's ins.?

  2. Two words: death trap.

    That thing will be covered in blood inside of 8 minutes. Then we'll have to burn it as a witch.

  3. You could have us all sign waivers before the kids can play on it?


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