Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Today, while I was doing photo research for a client project, I came across all these wonderful craft/art/design pages that seem to link to each other like a little community (i.e. Design*Sponge , Bloesem, and Three Potato Four with updated, correct URLs now). As I clicked from one to another, I started wistfully wishing that I could be a part of it. So many adorable, lovely, fun, kitch, or slightly disturbing items for sale, and all the sellers knew the others (if only online) and were supporting each other's work.

So, I was dreaming of working for myself, exploring art and design I like, finding inspiration, and sketching and creating all day...joining this community. I am imagining my house as a warm, cosy place that looks like the rooms photographed in their interior shots, maybe scented with vanilla candles. It's a nice dream.

The reason I haven't ever pursued working for myself is fear of the risks. Will I be able to make enough money? Will I be able to stay on a schedule and keep from getting distracted? Will I be able to deal directly the business end and pricing/billing/taxes and with customers without taking criticsms too personally?

Working as an inhouse designer has a comfort zone, for sure. Guaranteed income & benefits, automatically upgraded equipment, peers & colleages around to bouce ideas off.

I don't think I'm ready yet, but I may be in a few years. Maybe after Dash is in Kindergarten? Until then, I'll be planning and dreaming.

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