Thursday, December 20, 2007

My new ETSY shop

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I've been hearing about for a while as an online store where artists and crafters have been selling their wares and finally went over to check it out. The amount of beautiful work available there is truly overwhelming; the photography alone astounds me.

Those of you who know me are well aware of how much I love beadwork. Before my last hobby of five years (raising children), beadwork was my primary sideline of choice! I love it and have a large collection of materials. I couldn't resist: I registered and opened a shop. Please go and check it out at:

The photos I've taken of my work so far are flat and lame compared to what currently exists on the most humble of Etsy jewelry shops. I plan to concoct some ideas and retake the pics. But please go and look. I've got three items up so far!


  1. yay! you did it!!!!

    ::cheering you on::

  2. Those earrings are GORGEOUS!!! Would it be weird if I bought a pair?

  3. Lo Hicimo! You did it! You did it! Hurray!

    nice have the touch.

  4. Thanks gang! And not wierd at all to buy something, Kel. We can trade for something on our own and it would pump the sales on my site.

    Woo! I've got 11 things up now!


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