Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Missing Weegee

Weegee & Dash
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(You've seen this photo before, but it's the best to illustrate my point.) Dash likes Weegee. He's just not as good at expressing himself as Rosie.

Rosie's the one who begs to bring him to the dinner table and to join us in the bathroom for bathtime and to sit with us while reading books. She wants him to sit on her knee or arm, to let her scratch his head, to kiss his feathers. Rosie learned to whistle expressly so that she could communicate better with parrots. She obviously loves Weegee.

Dash on the other hand, jumps around and throws things at him (which freaks Weegee out and makes him flap away in terror), he pokes at him, pulls his tailfeathers, splashes water at him during baths. However, he does cluck at him and want to give him pats on the head, too. I was unsure, exactly, of how Dash felt about our pet.

Weegee is at my parents' house until Sunday. Last night was our first night without him in the house. Guess who of the two children was bawling, weeping for us to go get our bird friend and bring him back home?


What I described above is how young boys express love, I guess.

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  1. Well, it certainly beats stalking.

    Or writing poetry.


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