Thursday, April 23, 2009

Birthdays for all!!

Dash's friends Caroline, Matthew, Katie, and Devin all had a joint birthday party this past weekend. Caroline's mom took the reins on the party preparation and went all out! She ought to consider planning children's parties as a career, because her enthusiasm and joy showed in every element, from the laminated names on the party tent, the elaborate catering (one sheet cake per child), the clown, the bubble machine, to the moonbounce with slide. Oh, and the goody bags were amazing!! Just a warning to all, Dash's birthday will not have this sort of production value.

There was an excellent (and very patient) clown, who took balloon sculpture requests after his performance. He made some fabulous motorcycles and after showing a lovely rendition of Ariel the mermaid, the real challenges started. A few girls asked for other Disney princesses, then Rosie asked for Jasmine. He'd never had a request for Jasmine, so he winged it. Rosie was delighted!

Dash also made a request that the clown had never tried: an "elephant face." He took it a step further and gave Dash a hat!! Dash loved it, but the hat didn't stay on for long.

Both of my kids tried the moonbounce AFTER the call for cake. I say after, because cake time cleared out the area. They were wary of the moonbounce when full of kids, but once empty? They were all over it!

Dash made friends with a very, very ancient Yorkie and followed the poor, hobbling thing around for most of the party, trying to feed it cheese cubes. I asked the owner if this was okay, and she told me, sure, and he'd probably just throw it all up later. Wow, that's one dedicated dog owner!

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