Friday, October 16, 2009

I love watching movies with my family

We sat down to watch Raiders of the Lost Ark because Dash wanted to see Indy shoot some Nazis. In the first few scenes, I hear:

"That's Indiana Jones! He also played Han Solo in Star Wars and Mr. Deckert in Blade Runner."

And, "that guy is going to double-cross Indy! He also played Doctor Octopus in Spiderman II."

"Hey, there's Indy's friend Sala! He also played Gimli in Lord of the Rings and did Treebeard's voice."

It's like this ALL THE TIME, for every movie with big actors. Why not? It gives the kids a better idea that acting's a job and this is all pretend. It takes the edge off the fantasy a bit, but not a big deal. Like Harrison Ford likes to quote, he's just an "assistant storyteller." And a good one he is.

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