Saturday, October 10, 2009

Something's Missing!

On Thursday at dinner, Rosie was barely eating—her front tooth was wiggling. She couldn't stop moving it around, utterly distracted. Friday morning, she found me in the shower, tooth in hand. It fell out!

This morning, around 6:30 am, she came into our our bedroom, disappointed that the tooth fairy didn't leave money. I got up and ran an errand. Rosie had been sleeping in Dash's room, so thinking quickly, I suggested to her that the tooth fairy might have been confused and left the tooth money in her bedroom.

Her eyes lit up. "Oh, I hadn't thought of that!" and, "Hey! There's money on my bed!" She's been considering all morning how she'll spend it.

UPDATE: She spent her $5 on her brother! What a sweetheart.


  1. Remember that Rosie can read each and every word. If she has access to your blog, she will know who the tooth fairy is...

  2. What? How did the tooth fairy fall down on the job here?

  3. Yay for Rosie! My daughter's been dying to lose one of her teeth so that the tooth fairy will visit, but so far none of them are even the slightest bit loose.

  4. Maybe the tooth fairy gets confused by all the travel between rooms? I'll bet she could use some more sleep.

    Her other front tooth is just hanging there by a few strands of flesh, freaking me out. She can actually flip it forward between her lips and close them. =shudder=


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