Monday, April 26, 2010

Philly, Day 3: Damn, it's Cold!

I know, I'm really dragging these posts out with details on the only trip we've taken as a family unit EVER (all other overnight trips have been with extended family). Here we go with more photos and riveting commentary!!

So, for you, my friends, here's the obligatory shot of us with the Liberty Bell — done. See, there we are! Don't we look stiff and cold, with our hats, coats, and extra layers? We were so frigid that immediately after leaving the Bell's museum, we decided to scrap our tickets to Independence Hall (a mostly outdoor tour) and go straight to a children's clothing store to buy shivering Rosie some extra clothing and Dash a raincoat. I did pack a lot of extra clothes (Dash was wearing my 2nd scarf), but we just weren't prepared for it to be in the 30s, raining and blustery when it was practically April (it would be 70 degrees the next day). True to form, Lolli Lolli was selling bathing suits and Summery frocks, but I scrounged a few items out of the deep-discount, off-season sale rack.

From here, we had lunch at Lee How Fook's Tea House in Chinatown, where we were the only customers. Dash made friends with the waitress and ensured us some excellent service (he's such a charmer). After lunch, we went back to the hotel, had more baths and stayed warm until dinner.

We ventured out again for the HIGHLIGHT OF THE DAY, Jones Restaurant! We scuttled the four blocks to Jones, hobo-umbrella flapping inside-out and back, and settled in immediately. The atmosphere was comfortable and family friendly, the waitstaff was quirkily pierced and tattooed, the music piped in was eclectic 80s and 90s tunes (I recall hearing The Cure and Love and Rockets, among other familiar bands—I was their demographic), and the menu was pure comfort food. The kids split fried chicken (Dash) and waffles (Rosie). Even better, there was a full bar offering fabulous cocktails. Here are a few photos of us really enjoying ourselves at Jones. I don't think there's anywhere quite like it in DC. I suggested to our waitress that they open a franchise in our area, to which she responded that they did have plans to start a location in Atlantic City. If I do make it to AC, I'll check it out. Going to Jones is like visiting an old friend's house—an old friend that loves to cook and has a great bar.

It's time to get these kids in bed:

Next up, Day 4: Come Again Some Other Day

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