Monday, April 26, 2010

Philly, Day 4: Come Again Some Other Day...

On our last day in Philadelphia, the sun came out. I swear, with the rain clouds gone, the temperature jumped 40 degrees within hours. We took the kids straightaway to a playground that was already heavily populated with all the local kids, happy to playing in the bright, lovely air.

We picked up some deli sandwiches to have for a picnic lunch at Chickie's Deli. The grass was really, thoroughly wet on the circle in front of the Academy of Natural Sciences Museum, but that wasn't stopping me from eating al fresco (Monkeyrotica ate from a comfortable, dry bench, several meters away). What a beautiful day!

Inside the museum, we experienced a looming Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton, Rosie admired the taxidermy polar bear, Dash sampled what life might be like as be an amateur archaeologist and tortoise wrangler, and we saw a butterfly habitat up close.

Goodbye Philadelphia! You're not too far away, and we didn't really catch you at your best. We'll visit again soon.

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