Saturday, July 16, 2011

On the road

We packed lots of activity books for the kids to complete in the car--mazes, brainteasers, school workbooks--hoping they'll stay entertained. This is the first all-day roadtrip we've taken them on! I'm sure they'll get bored, or giddy, or maybe even fight. This is a test of our collective patience.

The New Orleans guide book we're using is from our very first trip to NOLA, in 1994. We brought it more for nostalgic purposes than utility; it has all our handwritten notes, highlighting, and crossouts from prior trips. I know a great deal has changed in New Orleans over the years, especially after hurricane Katrina, but many of the old institutions, historic flagship restaurants of the French Quarter, are still running. We have another, more recent guidebook as well, but the 1994 one is a clear favorite.

I've been asked a few times, what is there to do with kids in New Orleans? Isn't it enough for them to experience a little history, see a different way people live, ride streetcars, visit aboveground graveyards, spooky shops and museums? Must all things children experience for entertainment be Disneyfied and cater to them alone? I think they will have fun on this trip, but not necessarily in ways that we expect. I'll keep you all updated.

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