Monday, June 04, 2007

A couple of movie reviews

This weekend, (TMI) we were all sick with various odd symptoms. Rosie had pinkeye, fluid in her ears and wheezing; AJS had nasty coughs that make him gag; Dash had a cough and sore throat; and I lost my voice with deep chest coughs and nasal congestion [update: I have a sinus infection]. SO, all that said, we stayed in a lot and watched movies.

AJS bought the winner of the weekend, Mulan. Rosie loved that it was about CHINA!, the father-daughter connection, all the action sequences, and that Mulan was probably going to marry Chang at the end. She said that she especially liked the "fat soldier" because he could lift a horse with people on it! Tien-Po was a mountain of a man, full of sweetness and strength. AJS thought it was hilarious that the voice of Yao, the fiercest, manliest warrior was performed by Harvey Fierstein (hee, hee). Dash would rather watch Thomas the Tank Engine, but not this one...

The bust of the weekend was my purchase (c'mon, how can you resist $8 at CVS?) of Thomas and the Magic Railroad. It had a cast of interesting characters, most notably Peter Fonda and Alec Baldwin and I recall it getting some press, I just couldn't remember whether it was good or bad. My rationalization was that Dash liked Thomas' TV shows, he was only two, so how could they screw it up? Here's how: it just dragged on and on with a pointless story that had no end in sight. I couldn't bear to sit through the whole 84 minutes. There were subtexts about lost childhood and magic draining away, and Peter Fonda just sulked through his part with no expression. Alec Baldwin was not loveable and why everyone was so excited to see him whenever he arrived on the scene was beyond me. Sigh. Dash wandered off after the first fifteen minutes. I'm surprised he lasted that long.


  1. hope everyone is feeling better!!!

  2. Harvey Fierstein was the tough guy? Heh. Clearly I have to see Mulan again.

  3. Alright, so what's the deal with Disney movies emulating Bladerunner? There's ALWAYS a climactic fight sequence on a roof in these movies. It's bad enough that Beauty and the Beast shamelessly rips off Roy Batty/Beast dangling Deckard/Gaston off the edge of the roof in the rain before Rutger Hauer/Robbie Benson "discovers his humanity" and saves him. I kept expecting the hun guy to make some speech about starships on fire off the shoulder of Orion, and then getting blown up. The thing that cinches it is that the guy who voices Chi Fu (James Hong) is the same guy who played the role of Chu in Bladerunner ("I only do eyes.")

    I'm sure on the 15th viewing, I'll pick up even more parallels.

  4. Oh, and I just remembered that Beauty and the Beast is actually MENTIONED in Bladerunner.

    Bryant: This is Zhora. She's trained for an off-world kick-murder squad. Talk about beauty and the beast, she's both.


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