Friday, June 22, 2007


Dash, you're two years old today and such a delight to be around! I don't know if it's just because we understand baby-talk better, having been immersion-trained with Rosie, but you have been communicating so well! We get what you're trying to say and are able to act on it, which causes fewer frustrated moments, thank goodness. You ask for "wan BIG boc-boc, peesh!" and I know not to snap your graham cracker in two. You're learning from Rosie and want to do what ever she's doing, say what she's saying, sit where she's sitting and play with her all the time; most of the time, she lets you!

You are so coordinated, it's amazing to watch you dance, run, or just sit and figure out how to make something work (or take it apart). You love drawing, cutting paper with scissors, going "ou-siye" to help me water the flowers, running around with Rosie, throwing "bak-e-balls", rocks, sticks, and reading books with me. I love how you are so enthusiastic and cheerful, willing to try new things.

Of course, when we don't let you do something you want (even if you already said please!) you do get upset and have meltdowns, but you're pretty easy to redirect. We went to the pool yesterday and you wanted desperately to play in the park nearby, but as soon as you saw the water, the playground was forgotten!

It makes me wistful for the baby that you were, to see you getting so big, but I can hardly wait to see what you'll do and say next. I love you Dashie! I'm happy that you're two.


  1. And you need to quit climbing on the damn leather furniture, ya fat little maniac.

    Just kidding. You're about due for a good skull-splitting any day now. Us Striblings learn the hard way. Oh, yes. We are a stubborn, uncoordinated lot who love not wisely but too well.

  2. Yes, how DO you keep the kids from climbing on the furniture? Of our two, we think Liam will be the first to break his arm. I just hope it's just his arm....

    Happy birthday, Dash!

  3. Happy birthday little dude! don't break your arm, your head, or your mother's heart.

  4. Happy Birthday Dash!

  5. yay, dash. today, the furniture. tomorrow, the swingset!


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