Monday, June 18, 2007

Late Father's Day post

AJS wasn't interested in going out for Father's Day, but he was absolutely fine with me taking the kids out, so the three of us celebrated Father's Day with my family. Rosie, Dash, and I met Grandaddy Jim, Grandma Sheila and Auntie M. at Overwood for their Father's Day brunch buffet, which was quite tasty and had a large selection of breakfast-y items. The kids were delighted to see their grandparents! Dash showed off his new "skill" that he must have learned from the other little boys at school (or for all I know, he taught it to all of them), which goes like this: he announces "spit! hand!" holds up his hand with palm facing in, then blows a raspberry at it. Genius! Rosie entertained us all by first insisting that I peel her grapes (not happening), then attempting to peel them herself.

After Rosie and Dash ate their weight in purple grapes and canteloupe, Granddaddy and Auntie gave them puppets that they'd brought back from their Italy trip. The kids loved them!! Thank you! We went for a walk over to the Torpedo Factory, where each of the kids got a balloon animal from a street vendor (Rosie: pink swan, Dash: blue doggie). Auntie M. wanted to go for a walk along the Potomac, but I was a bit foot- and shoulder-sore from carrying Dash in the sling (didn't want to walk or ride a stroller). It was also awfully bright out for my dad, who forgot his sunglasses (I know who I got my photo-phobia from!), so we headed back to my parents' house.

We met up with AJS later that evening, around 5 or so. He occupied himself by grilling elaborate foods all day; delightful, with no-one around to bother him! I hope all Dads out there had a great day.

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  1. Rosie and Dash are such great kids - Rosie is lovely and has a wonderful imagination while Dash is joyful with curiosity about how everything works and the energy to keep at it until he figures it out!
    Will become a creative artist and D a scientist some day??


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