Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Right round, like a record baby...

[skkkkkrrrreeeaattccccchhhh, sound of needle scraping across Dead or Alive vinyl]

Well no, not really. Rosie, like most of us, was painfully unskilled her first time out on her new inline skates. Karen and I held her up and got her around the rink once and then she'd had it. I'm planning to keep up with it and get her out on them more. Skating is so freeing! She will be a great partner to skate with when she gets better.

This was shot at the Anacostia Skate Park in SE DC. It was actually a pretty awesome location. Hardly anyone was skating and we had the rink almost to ourselves. They rent rollerskates (old school), but you can bring your own if you have 'em.

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  1. Good times at the roller skating rink. Yeh, I'm sure Rosie will love it once she gets the hang of things.

    Dude, your profile pic - you are so dang adorable! Just wanna pinch your cheeks and take you out for ice cream. (you can decide which 'cheeks') ;-)


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