Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Switcheroo, After

The new table!! And five of the eight new chairs. Why five? Monkeyrotica said something about Elijah...  

If it's not apparent to you, I'm 99% certain that the pink/green/cream floral motif on the chairs' upholstery doesn't go with everything else. I'll try to get on that soon. Though I've never tried reupholstering anything, I do have a staple gun and several friends have assured me it's pretty easy.

You can see that all the rest of the furniture have found new homes. All of it. I don't think a single item remained in its original spot, although we moved one piece to three places then settled on it 2 or three inches from where it was before, but at a 90 degree turn. I really like it! And the kids do too. They're having more trouble getting in and out of the chairs, but that's fine for now. Feng Shui = good.


  1. I am useless at anything to do with fabric. However, when the dining room set I purchased after my divorce only came in a soft cream cushion, something had to be done. Those things looked horrid in under a month! So I went with my mom to a fabric store, picked out the perfect pattern, she measured and cut and hemmed (because in her view, everything must be hemmed!), I removed the seats (screw driver needed), and we just folded and stapled those new fabric swatches right on top of the old. Screw newly covered seat back on the chair backs and Voila! That was 7 years ago and they still look brand new.

  2. Wow, it looks GREAT! So now there's a sitting area outside the kitchen, and the dining room is next to the big window? I love it!

  3. And if you look really carefully at that second pic, you can see me giving you the finger.

    Ha! Just kidding. I'm not giving you the finger.

    But my peepee is hanging out.

  4. Thanks!! I'm hoping it will be that easy, TP! I might use the painting above the couch as a guide to color choices and go with an Asian pattern, if the store has one.

    Yep, the sitting area is outside the kitchen now and it's much more friendly and cozy, I think. Did you notice in the "before" shots that Dash is playing at the coffee table and Weegee is in his cage near the window?

    Also, hey, does anyone want a well-loved 1930s-era Art Deco table and chairs set? It needs a loving home with somebody who likes to repair and refinish furniture...

  5. Oooohhh... Looks good!! I'm impressed!!! :)


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