Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Next Season: MODERN

Alvin Ailey Dancer
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After the June dance recital was over, what to do? There was a 4-week summer session for dance and I had a choice to continue with Jazz, or dip my toes in something new. Over the past year, I had seen some of the choreography from the modern dance class and made a few notes. The moves are more athletic and flowing, and seem to require more strength and flexibility than jazz. The dancers in the modern class are more mature than the jazz classes (from 20s to 60s). And most importantly, they danced to better music; some of it borders on strange, but I'll take that over HSM2.

Two of the most experienced dancers from the modern class (which has been a small group anyway) moved out of state after the recital, and that left a large opening. Another way I've been thinking about it is that the much smaller class will give me a chance to get more focused instruction. Mrs. H., who tends not to be big on feedback (even when dancers are blatantly doing their moves wrong), told me that I had an affinity for modern and asked how much modern dance instruction I'd had. My answer? None. Good feedback!! And all I'll get, probably. One drawback to the modern so far: my feet have been cramping up even more than they were in the jazz class. I'll need to figure out how to solve that one.

The Fall session starts in September and I'll be continuing with the modern practice. It's a 90-minute class that meets on Thursday nights, so please note, my friends, that all my Thursday evenings for the next year are taken. Don't hold out any hopes that I'll ever look like the dancer in the picture, however. I'm just trying to have fun and enjoy making my body move.

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  1. Good for you! That sounds like a blast. And! you're a dancer, how awesome is that!? I took ballet once as an adult. And then I had horrible flashbacks of tutus and legwarmers. It took a lot of wine to undo that damage.


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