Friday, August 29, 2008

Rosie Kindergartener

Rosie Kindergartner
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Yesterday we went to the open house at Rosie's new school to learn the important stuff like, which classroom she's in, which teacher she has, what's the bus route number, and if she knows any classmates.

We'd signed her up with a preference for the "multi-age" classroom, but since only 16+ kids were likely to get in (out of 100? there were a lot of kids there), she was placed into a "straight" Kindergarten class. There was a main teacher, Ms. M, and an assistant, Mrs. B. Ms. M's creds: BS, Psychology, VCU; MT, Early Childhood Education, VCU.

Some of the kids there were already crying with fear at this transition, but Rosie, a classroom veteran since infancy, took charge and checked out all the amenities—like, "look Mommy, a small room with a potty" in the back, nothing else, just a commode. While comforting a weeping classmate, Mrs. B remarked that Rosie was ready for Monkeyrotica and I to be on our way! Not till next Tuesday, little girl.

Her bus picks up about a block away, just around the corner. Grandma S. will be taking her to the bus stop (thanks, mom!) and picking her up. Rosie is really, really looking forward to spending time with her beloved Grandma. I'm psyched because Grandma S., recently retired, has a teaching degree and can help Rosie with her reading.

Rosie's friend Katie has an assigned seat at the same table in their classroom! She's known Katie since we moved to the neighborhood and they were both one-year-olds. Katie lives very close to the bus stop and they'll be riding the bus together. I hope they'll help each other adjust.

Having a pal with you when you're adjusting to a new situation makes it much easier; am I right, my friends?


  1. :) She'll be fine! It's we mothers sending our kids off to school that will have trouble adjusting. Just thinking about Rosie going to school makes me a little teary. I'm going to be a mess next year when Thea starts kindergarten.

  2. My youngest daughter Ann was off to kindergarten last week - almost exactly five years after her sister Lilly did so. I find it hard to imagine that Lilly was ever so small.


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