Friday, September 05, 2008

Week 1, K-12: Coincidences

Each time I've seen Rosie's new teacher, Miss M., I keep thinking that she looks really, really familiar; she is a tall brunette with olive-tone skin and brown eyes.

Each and every time I've gone to a parent activity at Rosie's school, I've run into Ashley's mom, Heather, from Rosie's ballet class. I've known them for over a year now, chatting before and after ballet. Heather is a tall brunette with olive-tone skin and brown eyes.

There are over 300 kids at the school, so with many families attending with both parents, there's potentially 600 people, and I keep bumping right into this mom. Coincidence?

Last night, we were chatting about which teachers our daughters have and she mentioned, "Oh, right, Miss M.'s my sister. She told me that Rosie's doing great!" That's cool that they were talking about the kids together. I wonder why Rosie's name came up though? Did she stand out? I don't think I mentioned earlier which teacher Rosie had, or she would have told me then that Miss M. was her sibling.

Ashley's not in her aunt's classroom; luck of the draw, she is in the multi-age classroom where we were hoping Rosie would be placed. Heather insisted that Miss M. is an excellent teacher, but likes the situation her daughter is in because the multi-age places her physically closer to her older brother Austin's classroom.

It's good to know, second-hand, that Rosie's doing well! My girl is not much of a talker, so all I know directly is that she thinks her new school is "okay," the playground is her favorite part, and she sat next to "a boy and a girl" on the bus.

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