Monday, May 04, 2009

Hello Craft's Summit of Awesome 2009

I made these adorable notebooks at a session during Sunday's Summit of Awesome conference at Miss Pixie's! ZOMG that was so much fun. Check out for more photos and info. I am planning to go for the entire 3 days next year!


  1. I LOVED your books!!! I couldn't believe how fast you were, I looked over and BAM! 3 books done in 5 seconds! So adorable!

  2. Loopy, I was a bit of a ringer. I took a five-week course on Japanese bookbinding techniques in 1997. I was only going to be at the Summit on Sunday and I wanted to MAKE SOMETHING!! So, the screen-printing & your book-making session looked best. It was great to get a refresher with simple materials. Honestly, I was a little wrapped up in "I need my awl, burnisher, and waxed thread to make a book" and you proved that's not the case. Thanks!


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