Monday, May 11, 2009

From my mother's day

1. Me and my goofy kids at Founder's Park in Alexandria
2. Dash's Mother's Day note from his preschool class, featuring a photo of himself
3. Side B of Dash's note (the class also made and decorated a "pocket" with a seed packet inside, will add photo later)
4. Rosie's art class painted plant pots for their mothers, complete with a begonia flower!
5. Rosie's kindergarten class made photo holders; Rosie chose to color hers purple and adorn with purple faceted gems. The polaroid is from 2007, I think.
6. A gift from Monketrotica: the Speedball screenprinting kit. Woot!
7. Rosie & Dash were being awfully cute at my lunch with Auntie M and Grandma Sheila. This mother's day scored high above the last few for overall good times!

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