Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Make Something Awesome

Someone took an excellent photo of me with the adorable notebooks I just finished at the Summit of Awesome—thanks! I was familiar with the Japanese bookbinding technique that we were using, so I finished three books in the small amount of time we had. Everyone had beautiful pieces and were all so creative with how they were assembling their books—once we had the basic instructions, many folks were gluing, affixing and strapping extra peices on to their heart's content. The papers that the session leader, Esti Gerson, brought for our use were so sweet it was hard to choose from the assortment. I clipped out a few leaf shapes from another paper and glued them onto my book with birds in trees illustrations. I love them!

Make Something Awesome
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Does anyone recognize the back of my head? A clue: I'm holding scissors and clipping up an illustration that I *gasp* tore out of a book! There were old books and magazines all over the table, just for collaging. I had to pause, take a deep breath, thank the original illustrator for creating their beautiful work, and then tear the page. I made a few collaged cards during this session, then the mini-notebooks, a screenprinted handkerchief, earrings, and had a great time. I just want more hours in my day to make art...

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  1. thanks for taking a second to pay your respects to the poor, deceased book... :)


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