Monday, September 28, 2009

A confirmation from the universe

As if the cosmos is letting me know I should launch my idea, I just
found this guy hiding in a cabinet. He was in a common kitchen area in
my office, behind some plastic utensils; only now he's my Bughouse (or
whatever I call it) avatar.


  1. holy cow, a cave cricket model! I love it!

    Lest you wonder why I am so terribly excited, you must know I have a history with the things (which Dan wrote about on his blog).

  2. Spleeness, I am well-read w/r/t your harrowing cave-cricket saga, but thanks for the link for my readers. And, I can revisit it easily now!

    I've only seen just a handful since we've had an exterminator take care of other household menaces (namely the carpet beetles.) It's all so ewwww, but in a fascinating-I-must-do-research kind of way.


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