Thursday, September 24, 2009

My fabulous friend Staci is on TV!

[embedded video]

Staci is a certified instructor for Infant Swimming Resource (ISR) and that's her son Donovan swimming in her teaching pool! According to ISR's website,
"...a truly comprehensive infant swimming education and self-rescue skill instruction method that is well established in the fields of health care, psychology/behavioral sciences, anatomy and physiology. Since 1966, ISR has safely delivered over 7 million lessons to teach water self-rescue skills to more than 177,224 babies and has educated parents and medical experts nationwide on water safety techniques and proven instruction methods. To date, ISR has 788 documented cases of children using ISR techniques to save themselves from drowning. Please remember that there is no substitute for adult supervision.

She helps babies learn basic swim skills to keep themselves from drowning. I love her.

Staci's daughter, Margaret, is Rosie's BFF at school, and when Dash & Donovan, (Staci's son) both start Kindergarten next year they might be classmates as well. Whenever we had a break this past summer, I'd take the kids over to play with Margaret & Donovan and no matter what, we'd all end up in the pool. Rosie is still not much of a swimmer and neither is Dash, but with Staci's help, they ought to be soon enough.

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  1. Yay! Our fabulous friend Staci here. Thanks for the shout out. I must say that I love what I do - very rewarding.


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