Saturday, November 07, 2009

Finally, the Recital Movie

First a disclaimer. I didn't know Monkeyrotica was taping my class' dance performance at the studio's recital this summer—I had only thought my friend Brent was (who I was so happy and thankful had come with his lovely wife Chris to watch and support my dancing obsession!!) and that his camera had malfunctioned. So I was relieved and excited when I discovered this video in our archives a while back and found that there was some documentation! Honestly, the lot of them were sitting fairly far back in the auditorium and I was hardly expecting much of a recording at all.

Enjoy this dance, set to Mannheim Steamroller's Come Back to the Sea. The recital theme for 2009 was "Celebrations" and ours is celebrating a Day at the Beach. It has very fluid, lyrical choreography that requires grace and strength. In my class, there are actually six dancers, but I think you only see three on stage for the most part (due to framing), then flashes of others as the choreography plays out.


  1. How lovely! It's so charming to see the older women enjoying their bodies and the movement and strength in them. Thanks for posting this.

  2. XUP, yes, the two dancers nearest me are in their 50s and 60s. All the teenagers were on the other side. Those two older women each take 4-5 dance classes a week. They're awesome, sweet, and total dance addicts! :-)


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