Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving at the Strings was, as always, thanks to the wonderful cooks I'm related to, quite a delicious treat. Here's a photo of the spread.

The menu was:
oven-roasted turkey, giblet gravy, stuffing, wild rice with cranberries & turkey, jellied cranberry (y'know, the kind shaped like the can! yum), stewed okra w/tomatoes, strawberry-baked ham, sweet potato dinner rolls, traditional mashed potatoes, red beans & rice, roasted potatoes, apple crisp, pumpkin pie

Man, it all tasted wonderful! After dinner we took the kids for a walk to a local park. They'd been playing for a while when my mom noted aloud that it was going to get dark soon and asked Dash, "and what comes out when it gets dark?" thinking he'd say something cute like, "the Moon!" or "owls!"

But, no, his face melted into terror, he looked all around in fear, and screamed that he wanted to go home NOW and in a CAR. I got us all motivated to leave and convinced Dash that it really wasn't that dark yet and we'd be home before dark even if we walked. So, why, might you ask, was Dash so terrified about being outside after dark?

Have any of you seen one or all of these horror movies? Dash has, with his daddy. The answer is: ZOMBIES.

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  1. Yum! Sounds like an awesome dinner. I love pumpkin pie.

    Too bad about the ZOMBIES though. LOL, poor Dash...


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