Friday, November 13, 2009

My seven-year-old first-grader, Rosie

(photo of Rosie & friend Ava, wearing makeup)

Rosie is seven years old today! So much has happened in this year, 2008-2009. She finished Kindergarten, which was quite a struggle structurally for her, but she soared academically. She had her first summer break ever and spent it split up at sports camps (she almost knows how to swim!), with Grandma S, and at the Rehoboth beach house. She started First Grade with a new teacher and a new group of first and second graders in her multi-age class.

She made new friends at school, got over her fear of dogs at the bus stop, has gotten quite good at dressing herself for school in the morning, and just recently (please let this be a solid new skill!!) she's been cleaning up her room all by herself without being asked. I think her room is looking better than the rest of the house, actually.

Rosie is so sweet, as always, very affectionate, loving, and playful. She loves playdates with her friends, riding bikes, and her art, ballet, & tap classes. She is so creative! She's always drawing and painting and writing stories about her artwork. I'm so glad her new teacher is nurturing her creativity in the classroom.

Rosie has been setting new boundaries with her brother—while they've been happy to share most things and play very well together, she's recently establishing "her" territory and excluding him more than earlier. We knew this was bound to happen and are gently steering them to move in their own directions without hurting each other. She is a strong-willed girl, that child of mine and Monkeyrotica's.

Watching her grow into a maturing little girl is amazing and bittersweet at the same time. She still wants to cuddle in my arms, and I can see the baby she once was, but then she becomes so brightly independent and mature in her decision-making that I see the young woman that she'll become eventually. Not too soon.

Happy birthday, sweet Rosie!


  1. Hope Rosie has a wonderful birthday!

  2. As soon as I gave Rosie presents this morning, little bro, gave me the biggest hug and a kiss on the cheek. Then, he announced that his birthday was coming up soon and he wanted a big remote robot. Actually, his birthday was in June;-)


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