Friday, January 01, 2010

The Aughts, only the good stuff (mostly, anyway).

Because the bad bits are best forgotten anyway, am I right? Here are some standout things that happened in each year, that are foremost in my mind.

2000: Scene set, homeowners in Shaw DC rowhouse. In January, my office moved to McLean, VA, 17 miles away; I braved it, but refused to drive/buy another car, taking public transit only. I turned 30 & had an excellent party at AV Italian Ristorante with many friends. Monkeyrotica (AJS) and I vacationed for a week in London and Dublin, with a brief trip to Galway. We celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary in September (dined at TenPenh). Hobbies: bicycling, jewelry making, clubbing, aerobics, inline skating, dining out, socializing.

2001: Still living in DC, though I quit my NoVA job for a better commute at a DC firm. My mother survived the 9/11 plane crash while working at the Pentagon. My dad, sister, and I went on a week-long cycling tour of The Big Island, Hawaii. Celebrated 4th wedding anniversary at DC Coast. Still dancing, going to bars and shows.

2002: Travelled to New Orleans for Jazz Fest with several close friends early in the year. Grandfather died at 85 years in February; Rosie born in November. AJS lost his job, but was able to be at home with me during maternity leave. I spent most of this year pregnant and breastfeeding. Took infant-Rosie to lots of parties and a few bars, made a few parent-friends, but were still the first in our peer group to breed. Bought a second car. Bought my first smart phone, a T-Mobile Sidekick. Started blogging, privately.

2003: Sold the DC house; bought a house in NoVA. Quit DC job, took job in Arlington. AJS found a new job with the gov't. Hurricane Isabel crashed a tree that fell on both our cars/totalled new car; bought another second car. Rosie celebrated her first birthday in our new house. Rosie and I flew to Connecticut to visit relatives for a week. Attended Lisa & Joe's wedding. Our friends Melissa and Ed were married. And, the very first of our friends to become parents, Kelly & Todd, had their daughter, Thea.

2004: Job moved me to Alexandria. Celebrated 7th anniversary at Restaurant Eve. Lisa & Joe T's daughter, Lucy, was born. Rosie turned 2 and we moved her to a new daycare center in Alexandria. Visited family in Connecticut with Rosie. Also, I waited until the very last moment (8 weeks?) to announce to AJS that we were expecting another baby, to be born around father's day the following year.

2005: Dash born mid-year (naturally, with no meds!); Lisa & Joe's son Jack was born days apart. Kelly & Todd's son Liam was born in November. My job moved back to Arlington. I really, really got into genealogy, tracing AJS's sketchy family roots back eight generations! Sold my first car, bought a used late model. Celebrated 8th anniversary at Restaurant Eve. Flew to Connecticut with Dad, sister, and both kids for my cousin's wedding. Rosie turned 3. Lisa & Joe moved to Alabama. I got a tattoo inked on my leg. Dash started crawling at five months old.

2006: We learned that Rosie was afraid of people in costumes. Dash started walking at 8 months, had his first birthday in June. Liam turned 1 & Rosie turned 4—we had a joint party for them. Thea turned 3 in December. AJS and I flew with the kids to Florida. Celebrated 9th anniversary on 9/9 at 9 p.m. in Restaurant Eve's tasting room with their 9-course menu! Joe barbecued for 220 Air Force workers. Our friends Etta & Brian were married. Isabel was born to our friends Tiffany & Nick. Daniel was born to our friends Susan & Don. Ian was born to our friends Kristin & Nathan. We spent our first annual beach house week in Rehoboth.

2007: We spent New Year's Eve with Kelly & Todd. My job moved me back to McLean, VA (see 2000), now 25 miles away. Celebrated 10th anniversary at Restaurant Eve. Rosie turned 5, Dash turned 2 and both had a blow-out barbecue house-party birthdays! Reinier was born to our friends Tiffany & Nick. I signed Rosie up for a dance class and decided to start taking one myself. Got back into making jewelry. Saw my first live show in 5 years. 2nd annual Rehoboth beach week was fabulous.

2008: Our friends Karen & Bryce were married. Bloggy friend Dee gave birth to twins! I lost 10 lbs between January and June. Rosie and I performed in a recital with my dance class and started running; then I switched my dance practice to modern. We bought a projector TV and I built a 120" screen for it. Dash turned 3, Rosie turned 6. I met Anthony Bourdain on my birthday. My mom retired from work. 3rd annual beach house visit! And Rosie started Kindergarten at public school and rocked my world (and hers).

2009: Our friends Becky & Ryan were married. I performed in a second dance recital as did Rosie; after his 4th birthday, Dash started dance class in the summer. My friends came over for a painting party. Joe continued to rock at BBQ! I went to Hello Craft's Summit of Awesome & Crafty Bastards. I got an iPhone, shut down our landline, canceled satellite TV, and started watching Internet-only television. Rosie started 1st grade, turned 7, and had her first school-free summer. Baby Idris was born to Ivy & Ken. With friends' help, I set up a raised garden in my yard. Beach house year 4 included AJS & Alan.

The end to the aughts. So many changes for us! Hello 2010 & the teens. I hope you treat us and all of our friends well. Stay happy, healthy, and connected, everyone. I <3 you!


  1. That was fun to read through. You packed a lot of stuff into the last ten years! Love the 9th anniversary on 9/9 at 9 p.m. celebration with 9-course dinner!

  2. Thank you for including me and the twins. They turn 2 today actually. :-)

    You've had a busy ten-year run.

  3. This was a lovely recap. To the next ten!

  4. Mary Lynn: That was a nice one! But, only the once — nine courses is so. much. food.

    Dee: Happy birthday to Alani & Ethan! I know your past 10 years have been eventful... dish, please.

    Kelly: TO THE NEXT! And more new year's eves with you. You're delightful to start a new year with.

  5. My dad was almost 87 when he died. He was born in 1915. His birthday was March 30th and he died on Feb 28th. This may be important for longevity records. Grandma was 79. Gr Grandad 76 and Gr Grandma (maternal) about 83ish.

    Your dad retired Jan 2006.

    Dash was born during a full Harvest moon. Driving over to your house it was eerie see the huge orange moon over the Potomac. Thought it was the coming of my grandson a very important prophet who carries a bible around upside down because he likes the photo of which there are none. (Eerie is he seeing Noah's Ark, etc)! ;-)


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