Friday, January 08, 2010

Big changes and my little positive thinker

Dash's first instinct is to answer "Yeah!" to any question (even when it's no, he *might* backtrack). He'll tell you that he's Good! and his food is So Tasty! (in restaurants, he'll ask the waiter, "please tell the chef that I like his cooking!"). He likes new things, taking what life throws at him in easy stride.

I wasn't all that worried about moving him to a new school, even though it's the only school he has known since he was an infant (that's over four years now for those of you who just stopped by). As of today, we're at the end of his first week and so far, all's well, he's having fun. He comes home with excellent comments on his daily sheet, like "happy", "friendly", and "helpful". He was thrilled this morning because his school is taking the pre-K class on a field trip to the local high school, where a band will perform. He's going to ride there in a SCHOOL BUS. You know, the yellow kind with the bus driver and all the seats for kids? I can hardly wait to hear what he has to say about it! Good times, big changes.

He hasn't completely moved on, thankfully. Although he made the move with few or no bumps, I don't know how I'd feel if he didn't have any attachments to his old school. He does miss his classmates and teachers and I'm glad of it. Dash dictated this note for me to write to all his friends:
"From Dash. I miss you. AND, besides, I am Spiderman, and you're all invited over to eat cheesy-poofs and play in my rock band. A-one, a-two, and-a-one-two-three-four ROCKANDROLL!"

So, who's coming to Dash's rock band party? You'll have to bring your own instrument—all we have is a toy piano, a harmonica, and an accordion. Takers?


  1. include a kazoo and you've got me

  2. I have a little hand drum I can bring. I don't like Cheese Poofs though. Could I have chips instead?


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