Thursday, January 21, 2010

Rosie writes me notes

"I need help clening my bed. Can you do it/ yes or no"

Rosie writes me notes. It's usually when I'm doing something for her brother or trying to finish a task and she's already asked for help once or twice. I tell her I'll get to her in a minute, or ask your father, or maybe — just postponing it, really — and that's just not immediate enough for her.

I was thinking that this reminded me of myself when I've gone by my boss' office a few times and he's been on the phone or in a meeting, so I resort to sending him an email instead of speaking to him directly.

In this case, she got tired of waiting for my help and cleaned her bed by herself. That's the best solution, right?

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  1. smaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrt kid, I must say.she will absolutely fit in the office environment when she grows up.The best part is she knows that if the note doesn't work she can do it herself.No one in offices seem to know that


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