Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Blackbird singing...

NASA SR-71 Blackbird
Originally uploaded by James Gordon
At the Air and Space Museum yesterday, Rosie and Dash had their much anticipated viewing of "Starships." We plenty of space-themed Sci-FI movies on regular rotation at the Strings as well as a Starship-shaped tent in the basement and space-patterned bedding for Dash. Rosie liked the museum well enough, pointing out interesting items as we went through. They really enjoyed the large exhibits that allowed museum-goers to walk through and try out the equipment. All was fine, educational, and interesting. Until we got to the SR-71.

Dash stared. He caressed the glass. He wouldn't budge. He was entranced by the sexy sleekness, the dangerous, dark pointiness of the Blackbird on display, a USAF high-altitude, reconnaissance aircraft 1/16-scale model.

He wanted it. Oh, my GOD, he wanted it. With all of his 3.5-year-old existence.

"Mommy, can I HAVE this?" he asked.
"No, sweetie, it's part of the museum displays," I answered.
"Well, we can just BREAK the glass then, and take it home with us," Dash retorted, with some anxiety.
"I'm sorry sweetheart, we can't break the glass." I said, the voice of reason.
"We can check the gift shop, maybe there's another one over there."
[[sniff, sob]] "O-O-O [[snf]] kay," sobbed Dash, drying his tears.

Thank the lord there was one cast-iron mini SR-71 left in the A&S museum shop. It now belongs to the boy, despite the age-recommendation of 14 and up on the packaging.


  1. so continuing on the the parallel universe - my hubby's dad is a metalergist for Boeing and our family has a big sci/fi airplane thing going on. let me know if Dash needs any f-15 or 22's we have plenty of extra die cast models of those laying around. Which reminds me I should really post the picture we took in San Diego this summer at the Star Trek exhibit...

  2. UM, I am totally wishing that I was somewhere on your road trip route and we could have met up! Sadly, Washington, D.C. is far from Oregon to Tennessee. I'll let you know if Dash grows and interest in fighter planes; at the moment, it's starships and related aircraft. (P.S. I worked in the Pentagon for USAF for 3 years on a Boeing-like defense contract.)

  3. I saw a static display of the SR-71. It really is a beautiful jet. However, like all sexy things that are too fast, they do not age very well.

  4. So freaking true, Aaron, so crazy freaking true.


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