Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Jewelry sale, weekend recap.

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Well, the jewelry sale was a bit of a bust. I had one sale by the woman who told me about the event (I think she took pity on me) that helped me break even with the cost of the booth. The few that stopped at all and offered any thought to what they were looking for wanted items under $10 that they could give as gifts to the under age-8 set. So, cheap and durable.

Not my forte. More later!

Adding On:
The rest of the weekend was a bit of a blur. We were invited to three parties the evening after the sale, one in D.C., one in Maryland, and one two doors over. Since Monkeyrotica was committed to smoking a pork shoulder in the Kamado for our work party on Sunday, I went to my neighbors' party with the kids and he stayed in. It was fun, an annual pre-Halloween party that we'd been to a few years running. All the kids are getting older, many teenaged, so there were much fewer of them in costume this year (which is A-OK with Rosie). I forgot to photograph my kids' costumes! There will be other opportunities, you'll be seeing my princess and pirate soon enough.

Sunday was the video screening party for my coworkers. The office had just finished a 30-minute training video for U.S. Marine Corps customer. Since we have a 120" screen for our home theater, the video team asked me if I'd host the party. Sure! And since Monkeyrotica had been instructing the DCist.com crowd on how to cook the best bratwurst, I offered brats as the main dish (pulled pork came later). A couple of my coworkers surveyed the abundance on the spread and said, "I'm just going to eat until I'm uncomfortably full." Rock on.

The video was fantastic! I work with some very talented people. The subject was a sad one: evocative training for Marines, preparing them to inform next of kin that their loved one had died (several folks were in tears throughout). Everyone there had participated, from direction, scripting, filming, editing, post-production, scoring, scheduling, scouting, and casting. It was a great gathering and we were all very proud of the final cut after it was screened.

We picked up some pumpkins: here are the kids in the patch, looking squinty on a very sunny day. AH, there's the pirate!


  1. That's a bummer! Was it a craft show or art show? Higher end stuff seems to sell better at art shows, from what my crafty friends say.

    Have you thought about doing parties, either people buying your stuff or you showing people how to make jewelry? My friend just had a jewelry making party for her bachelorette party, and they made the jewelry for the mothers and grandmothers. Fun!!!

    How's the etsy shop coming along?

  2. It was a craft show, and I think the organizers panicked at the last minute and added a lot of commercial vendors. They didn't do any advertising, from what I gathered as well. I don't think my stuff is high-end, it's just not $10, you know?

    I haven't really considered a jewelry making party; thanks for the idea! The etsy shop has really just been a place for my friends to see my stuff. I haven't generated any sales from unknown shoppers as yet. If I put more time into advertising, that might change!

  3. Well, have you considered selling $10 cheap-o crap for kids? Put those punk-ass kids of yours to work. Rosie likes beading, and Dash made that kickass necklace for me. Give them 20 percent off the top and hope Child Labor doesn't find out.

  4. There ya go! Make the kids do all the work!!!

  5. You might also try to find a little eclectic shop in your area that would let you display your jewelry in exchange for some of your profits?

  6. So sorry I missed the big goings ons.


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