Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Mr. Happy

Mr. Happy
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I've got waaay too much going on, plenty to blog about but no time to compose the posts for my thoughts.

I leave you all with a photo of Dash and a few of his favorite things: grapes, milk, and no pants.


  1. I love it! Pants optional dining.

    It reminded me of something I had long forgotten. We have the same stool and in our old house I would put it in front of a long window in the kitchen and put Elliot's snack on the window sill. He could snack and watch the neighborhood. Thanks for the sweet memories!

  2. All of my favorite things too. What a coincidence. ;)

  3. The pants come off at first available opportunities. At KellyGO's, for example, I don't even bother insisting that he keeps them on. All the kids strip down near to arrival and try each others' clothes on. Good times!


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