Friday, October 31, 2008

Rosie knows what she's doing.

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Just check out that confident look in her eye. Rosie knows more than you think. There's so much going on in that mysterious noggin of hers, we'll never realize more than a shard, a sliver.

Again, all we've been hearing in the past week from her school has been negative. She was sent to the principal's office twice in one day for several physical incidents (one that drew blood); we are all terribly shocked. Monkeyrotica and I met with her teacher today—our first official meeting—and learned that there is one specific child in her class, a boy, that she just can't resist tormenting.

She needs to work on curbing her impulses. We went over the behavior contract that will target keeping her hands to herself and completing assigned work, and look forward to getting the daily reports on her progress. We asked about the classroom and whether the teachers thought Rosie was a good match for their room; of course they said yes (I thought they might be objective, silly me). They've moved Rosie to a small desk at the back of the room and proclaimed that she loves her new placement, complete with fewer distractions and calmer, less distracting tablemates.

While we were there, Miss M. offered to show us her report for the academic testing that we were planning to review next week in a pre-scheduled meeting. Academically, the baseline for all the students in her classroom at this point in the year is 61. By the end of the year, they expect 165. What was Rosie's score?


She scored 100% on most of her tests including math, reading, word/number/color recognition, and phonics. Despite all the trouble we are having, she is in the top of her Kindergarten class.

OMG, I am spinning. We have a delinquent. We have a genius! Must they come hand in hand?


  1. That IS awesome. She's likely just bored. (been there, had a person to torment even). Vivian had some assessment as well-she was supposed to find like 8 letter sounds and she found 40 or something.

    GLOAT TIME!!! :)

  2. Thordora, that's exactly what everyone keeps saying. We've told the teachers that she must be bored, and they say that they give her opportunities to challenge herself and she prefers to keep doing the easy work.

    I wish that educators had clear tactics to handle bored children.

    You go gloat too!!

  3. Again, it sounds like she is too smart for her class and she is bored and is trying to find things to do to distract herself. You might need to insist that the teacher give her more things to challenge the little smartie pants. Of course if you are given the choice of doing easy or challenging - most likely you are going to take the easy road. Who wouldn't! hee hee.


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