Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Dish duty

I somehow let two full days of dishes accumulate in the kitchen. Horrors! Weegee and I are hanging out, enjoying each other's company while I get the dishes out of the way. Woo. Harold Budd is cycling on the iPod and the kids are downstairs with Monkeyrotica, watching Ren and Stimpy.

I actually get a kind of thrill when I come up with ways for Weegee and I to spend quality pet-owner time. He spends so much of his day alone and, quite honestly, comes fifth (including me) in the family hierarchy. Cheers, little bird-guy!


  1. You so rule for posting the kitchen mess. Brave soul...!

  2. You know what makes me feel like I rule? When i can fit ALL of that into the dishwasher. (cue theme from Tetris...)

  3. Now if you can get the bird to do the dishes...

  4. Poor little guy. Like Grandma S says, maybe you could teach him to dry the dishes at least and then you'd really be able to bond over a daily chore

  5. Hm, XUP & Grandma S, maybe with some training and great flapping of wings, he could dry a few dishes! Will consider...


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